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Growing up in Minnesota as an English teacher's daughter, Dori learned at a very young age the importance of dotting all the "i's" and crossing every "t" across all fields of life, especially in the professional world of business.  Over the years, Dori has managed numerous employees and perfected the skill of customer relations while on staff with both private and state run offices.  Hers is the sweet voice of Team Tropic, so when you call you will hopefully be speaking with DoriLynn!  (she really is this sweet!!, I can write that cuz I'm beyond blessed to be married to her.....)  During the off hours of work, Dori enjoys spending time with her husband, and their two little puppy dogs, Alex and Casey.         

Dori  - Business Administrative Assistant


Damian - Project Manager 

Born & raised near Milwaukee, WI. Damian proudly served six years in the military as a combat skills instructor and drill sergeant.  After his military service, he worked for the TLC Home Improvement Company where he remodeled residential homes and condos for nearly six years till he moved to St. Paul, MN where he built homes as the lead carpenter of Ludden Construction.  Damian is proficient in all aspects of remodeling and elegant renovations from rough-in to finish .  His other skills and expertise is landscaping, decks, and additions.  When he's not doing home renovations, Damian loves to cook where he also holds a degree in Culinary Arts and a license with ServSafe foodservice.  We call him "Sergeant Chef" of Team Tropic!  Damian has been with Team Tropic the longest than anyone else.

Jeff - Owner/CEO/Sales/Dreamline Installer

Jeff was born & raised in MinneSNOWta on a farm where he learned at a very young age what hard work, dedication to detail, and integrity in workmanship really means.  After years in sales, Jeff was called into ministry, went to seminary where he received a masters in Christian Education with an emphasis in Youth & Family Ministry.  Raising his two sons, Jacob and Tyler, as pastor kids going on all the mission trips, bible camps, and outreach activities was surely a highlight for Jeff in his younger years.  During these 16 years, Jeff also worked for Featherstone Construction where he learned advanced skills and experience in residential renovations.  

Jeff and Dori moved to FL in 2012 to enjoy a tropical lifestyle away from all the cold, sleet, grey skies and cold yucky weather.  When Jeff isn't on the road meeting with clients or delivering supplies for his crews, he is typically at home drafting estimates.  He enjoys golfing, but admits once a month on the golf course isn't enough and looks forward to the day when he can schedule golf twice a month!

Jeff's goal for Tropic is to deliver pure excellence!!  

Mascot Rex.jpg

Mitch - Master Carpenter, Handyman

Mitch was sent by The Heavens (a.k.a. the mountains of Colorado) to join Team Tropic, and brings to the team an unmatched art of fine carpentry skills at a level unseen by most of mankind!  Honestly though, Mitch has spent years finetuning these skills with a premier home building company in CO. Tropic Renovations, and our many clients, are blessed that Mitch's sister-in-law fell in love with FL and moved years ago to Venice, because years later she brought her sister here, and with her a fine carpenter.  When Mitch isn't working, he is probably hanging out with his wonderful wife making his newly purchased Venice home into his beautiful castle.  Welcome to FL Mitch, and welcome to Team Tropic!       ​ 

Austin - Carpenter/Tile Tech/laborer

Austin is our youngest team member at Tropic Renovations.  We are happy he chose to come to work with us after taking carpentry and remodeling classes and getting a degree in this field from a local college.  Currently, Austin lives at home and is saving every penny to someday move out and get his own place.  He has been paired with one of our supervisors and renovations expert, Damian, where he is learning numerous hands-on skills every single day.  

Austin is rather shy and quiet, but don't let that keep you from getting to know this fine young man.        


Rapael "GRU" - Tile Setter, Flooring, Ect  

  When it comes to tile setting whether it's in an elaborate bathroom shower or flooring throughout, "Gru" has the magic touch!  

As a lad and young man, Raphael grew up in Ukraine, where much of his relatives still live today.  He obviously speaks fluent Russian and English.  "Gru" was taught at a very young age, like many of our technicians, to do work it needs to be done with precision, otherwise it shouldn't be done at all.  A man of many professional skills! 


Mike - Class 5 drywall finisher, texture, Ect. 

  Mike was born in Germany, and moved to New Jersey with his family at 4 years old where he lived till he was 9.  After 5 years of dealing with the snow and bustle of Jersey, his family headed south to Florida where he has lived ever since.  Mike has been mastering the arts of drywall finishing for the past 28 years since he started working the 'mud' in 1994. Mike not only is a master at all facets of drywall, but lends a helpful hand at painting, and many other tasks of remodeling.  Outside of work hours, Mike loves spending time with his 3 daughters, 2 grandchildren, reading Scripture in the Bible, and playing guitar.  Our clients enjoy talking about the Bible and God with Mike as he is quite the Biblical intellect, which every remodeling crew should have!   

Matt - Flooring, Painting, Texturing, Ect. 

  Matt was born and raised in Stafford, VA where he began learning at a young age how to work professionally with his hands on all sorts of engines and in the construction industry.  He has 3 wonderful children and an awesome wife (as he describes) who he enjoys spending time with when he isn't at work.  When he does get an extra moment, he enjoys riding dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, drag racing, and casting his fishing pole he keeps in his vehicle into the waters.  

When asked where he would go for 2 weeks on an all-expense paid vacation, Matt says he would take his family to the mountains of Utah to ride snowmobiles.  Matt and his hard-working ethics has been a great addition to Team Tropic!  

add pic Matt.jpg

Wally - Tile Setting Pro 

  Wally grew up in Newark, Ohio where he learned at a very young age the importance of hard work.  After graduation, he joined the United States Miliary, where he served    .  On his return home, Wally fine-tuned his tile setting skills and took on many years of painstaking shower, tub, and flooring projects.  He has 2 biological children and 5 bonus children with his bride who he spends every moment he can outside of work.   You will surely appreciate Wally's outstanding skills especially if he is tiling your tub or shower, as he is a true tile setting master, as we are blessed to have 3 tile tech masters!

add pic Wally.jpg

Rodney -  No Longer Here.....

With GREAT sorrow, our second longest Team Tropic employee passed away from a sudden heart attack on Friday, March 13th.  Rodney was extremely skilled at all aspects of finishing carpentry, fantastic tile setter and professional painter.  He took his time to make sure whatever he was working on was done well.

WE WILL ALL MISS YOU ROD!  You're now our company's angel, so back to work buddy.....!   

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